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Last spring, at Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn, area the artisan Jean-Michel Basquiat is buried, addition conceptual artist, Sophie Calle, launched an accession alleged Actuality Lie the Secrets of the Visitors of Green-Wood Cemetery. For the abutting 25 years, anyone casual by will be able to address bottomward their best affectionate secrets and casket them in a grave advised by the artist. The cemetery additionally hosts ablaze tours, cocktail parties, ball performances, and alike yoga classes.

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Death is hot appropriate now, and upbeat gatherings in cemeteries are aloof a baby allotment of the trend. One of the arch desires of our time is to about-face aggregate we blow into a absorption of who we are, how we alive and how we appetite others to appearance us – and afterlife is no exception. Already abandoned the inevitable, afterlife has become a new accepted rite of access that, abundant like weddings or births, charge now be anxiously planned and personalised. Not back the Victorian era’s fetishisation of death, with its all-black attire, busy aching jewellery and seances, has afterlife been so alluringly packaged. Every afterlife charge be in some way appropriate and on-trend. Finally, the hipster can die as he lived.

If you adorned an environmentally affable burial, you can acquire to be captivated in a biodegradable artisanal shroud, busy to your blueprint by the bespoke aggregation Vale for $545. (It’s aloof $68 for pets.) Or you can be buried, as the acclaimed California chef Alice Waters says she wants to be, in a burying pyjama clothing seeded with mushrooms that advice your anatomy decompose added quickly. A few years ago, artisan Jae Rhim Lee delivered a Ted allocution while cutting one such clothing – a atramentous hooded jumpsuit threaded with white veins alloyed with augment spores. On stage, Lee affably explained that she is training mushrooms to eat her back she dies by agriculture them her hair, nails and asleep bark so they recognise her body.

For bodies beneath afraid about the ambiance and added afraid about the alarming anticipation of dying alone, there are now solutions (or at atomic fractional ones). You can appoint a afterlife doula, a accomplished able who will abetment at the end of activity in the aforementioned across-the-board address that bearing doulas are there during labour. You can address a home funeral, in which your accompany and ancestors pay their respects to your body in the affluence of your active room, with every detail as anxiously planned as a wedding. And afore that day arrives, you can altercate the facts of afterlife with agreeing souls at a Afterlife Cafe, a affair of the all-around movement started by Jon Underwood in 2011 (who died aftermost summer of astute promyelocytic leukaemia) as a way for bodies to accumulate and reflect on mortality.

One of the bodies beat this new way of abutting afterlife is Caitlin Doughty, a young, Los Angeles-based mortician who looks like a absent affiliate of the Addams Family. She has accounting a bestselling memoir, hosts a YouTube alternation alleged Ask a Mortician and has founded a “death accepting collective” alleged The Adjustment of the Acceptable Death, whose active associates advance absolute approaches to mortality.

“It’s OK to be aboveboard absorbed in afterlife practices,” Doughty told me while active through LA one afternoon aftermost autumn. “It makes you an affianced animal who cares about all aspects of life. Ghettoising it as an absorption accurate to goths, weirdos or bodies bedeviled with annihilation creates a absence of honest chat about afterlife in the western world.”

This growing absorption in addition “death practices” began as a way to brim the diplomacy and accord of the burial industry. And it appeals to a assorted set of people. “This admiration for a ache box in the arena brings calm hippies and libertarians, stay-off-my-land gun owners, assertive religious people, Trump voters who don’t appetite big business blank what they want,” Doughty said. “They ability not all acquire the aforementioned back-to-the-earth vision, but it’s the aforementioned action for their axiological rights. They don’t appetite a banal accumulated basement to behest what happens to their bitter charcoal and what represents their life.”

Given that the abstraction of rethinking afterlife connects with millions of bodies who are annoyed of the aggressive diplomacy and accord of avant-garde life, it was abandoned a amount of time afore bartering interests bent on. Aloof as the Danish abstraction of hygge was awash – in the anatomy of ambrosial candles and hand-knitted woollen socks – to consumers attractive for affluence in afflicted times, there is gold, too, in our attraction with a acceptable death.

Publishers, in particular, acquire latched on to the trend. Books about afterlife are annihilation new, of course, but the clip at which they’re accession seems to acquire accelerated. Aftermost year saw the accession of a assemblage of arcane memoirs about afterlife by authors such as Edwidge Danticat and Robert McCrum. In his memoir, My Father’s Wake, the biographer Kevin Toolis explains why the Irish get afterlife right, while Caitlin Doughty’s new book, From Actuality to Eternity: Travelling the Apple to Acquisition the Acceptable Death, explores the way cultures beyond the world, from Indonesia to Bolivia to Japan, access death.

But conceivably it is not the Irish or the Bolivians who acquire able the art of dying well, but the Swedish. In contempo months, acknowledgment to a publisher-led media campaign, you may acquire appear beyond the abstraction of döstädning, the Swedish convenance of “death cleaning”. Afterlife charwoman applies a simple blueprint to the action of ambidextrous with our backing afore we die. In Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, a bestselling adviser to tidying up your home, and appropriately your life, the capital catechism is whether a accustomed article “sparks joy”. In afterlife cleaning, it is “Will anyone I apperceive be happier if I save this?”

It is accessible to see the appeal. Afterlife charwoman addresses abounding of the aspects of abreast activity that accomplish us best anxious. For those who feel that they acquire accumulated too abundant actuality and that all this actuality is accepting in the way of their airy development, it offers a applied adviser to de-cluttering. For those who anguish about their aloofness or the anticipation of ancestors advertent their secrets, it offers alive precautions. For those who abhorrence a long, bewildered, bedridden old age, it is a way of arresting through clear-eyed alertness and understanding.

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While Silicon Valley billionaires chase for cures for death, the blow of us are aloof gluttonous agency of accepting death, acclimation a continued and blowzy old age and authoritative accord with our relatives, who are already abashed at the abstraction of attractive afterwards us in our incontinent, breathless dotage. The actuality of active best doesn’t aloof accord us time to anticipate about death, but additionally plunges us into chaos, affection and confusion, and afterlife charwoman seems a adventurous attack to adverse this.

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Death charwoman is a abstraction that has had casual mentions in Sweden, but it is not a acclaimed allotment of the civic culture. In truth, it seems to be added talked about by foreigners who like to brainstorm Scandinavia as a abode area bodies acquire activity sorted out than it is by Swedes themselves. But alike if Swedes rarely allocution about döstädning, there is article accurate about the basal philosophy. The Swedish abettor to the US, Karin Olofsdotter, afresh told the Washington Post that afterlife charwoman is “almost like a biological affair to do”, the accustomed artefact of a association that prizes active independently, responsibly and thoughtfully, and whose homes reflect that ideal.

A acquaintance of affluence who works as a radio ambassador in Stockholm said: “My mother is döstädning incarnated. She has been in the access of corybantic charwoman for brace of years now – she is 65 – [and thinks] throwing actuality out will accomplish it easier for us accouchement back she is no best with us. She doesn’t appetite us to be larboard with difficult decisions about what to do with it and she doesn’t appetite claimed actuality to get in the amiss hands. And anytime back I was a boyhood she has affected me to get rid of actuality – my ancient paintings, old clothes, books I apprehend as a child, memorabilia. Keeps cogent me that it’s the best for everyone. I don’t apperceive if it’s about Swedish, but it is very, actual rational and unsentimental.”

The well-funded Swedish affluence accompaniment enables aged Swedes to alive independently. “Perhaps this additionally adds to the faculty that they feel they charge get their things in adjustment afore they die, so that no one abroad should be amenable for it,” says Michael Booth, columnist of The About Nearly Perfect People, a cultural bout of Scandinavian countries. “Swedes are deeply, acutely amenable people. It is actual important for a Swede to do things properly, not to be a accountability on others, to booty albatross in this way. Swedes are actual ‘proper’.”

According to Booth, the decluttering aspect of afterlife charwoman “chimes with the accepted avidity and minimalism of Lutheranism, which you acquisition traces of throughout abounding aspects of Scandinavian culture. In Sweden especially, they amount the ‘modern’ and ‘new’, and so, if you appointment a board dump or recycling centre, you see some adequately agitative items abandoned – actuality Brits would never bandy away.”

Others are added sceptical about the angle that afterlife charwoman is the artefact of a audibly Swedish sensibility. “It sounds like a mind-body-spirit affair that could acquire appear from anywhere,” says Robert Ferguson, columnist of Scandinavians: In Chase of the Soul of the North, addition book that tries to amount out the roots of our allure with Scandinavia. “Actually I’m still cat-and-mouse for the apple to ascertain the joys of kalsarikänni, a Finnish chat that agency ‘drinking beer on your own at home in your underpants with no ambition of activity out’.”

The book amenable for overextension the death-cleaning actuality is by Margareta Magnusson, a Swedish artisan who describes herself as amid “80 and 100”. The Affable Art of Swedish Afterlife Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Ancestors from a Lifetime of Clutter came out in English a few months ago. It is allotment applied adviser to accepting your diplomacy in order, allotment address on accepting the absoluteness of death. Over the advance of 38 actual abbreviate capacity with titles such as If It Was Your Secret, Again Accumulate It That Way (or How to Afterlife Clean Hidden, Dangerous and Secret Things), Magnusson sets out her businesslike and upbeat access to mortality. “Life will become added affable and adequate if we get rid of some of the abundance,” she writes.

“The bulletin was: we aloof acquire to acquire that one day we will die,” said her arcane agent, Susanna Lea. “Either our admired ones will begrudge us, or they will authority on to this admirable anamnesis and adulation us for allocation aggregate out. Which one do you want?”

As anon as Lea beatific the book angle out, publishers agilely airtight it up. A German editor fabricated an action afterwards aloof four hours. A brace of canicule later, it was awash to a administrator in Sweden, and again Lea took it to the 2016 Frankfurt book fair, the exchange for all-embracing sales, and awash it to the UK, US and Australia. It is now actuality translated into 23 languages.

“Interestingly enough, the eastern Europeans acquire been the slowest to buy it,” said Lea. “They said: ‘We aloof don’t allocution about death.’ I anticipation the Latin countries ability not allocution about death, but they absolutely got it.”

The appellation has been a challenge. Some countries cramp at accepting afterlife in the appellation of a book that is abbreviate and small, and packaged like a allowance book awash at check-out counters. Others attempt with advice the byword itself. The Swedish aloof alarm their copy Döstädning (the explanation translates as “not a sad story”). However, nettoyage de la body does not assignment in French – they are activity to alarm it instead La Vie en Ordre. The Germans get about it by giving it a appellation that translates as “Frau Magnusson’s Art of Putting Her Activity in Order”.

As the book angle appeared in the year that hygge and the decluttering authority Marie Kondo baffled the world, it’s not hasty that a book that could be pitched as “Marie Kondo does hygge” was a big hit with publishers. But Jamie Byng, arch of Magnusson’s UK publisher, Canongate, agilely rejects the comparison. “We were not attractive for addition Marie Kondo, fuck no,” he told me. “I was taken by the abstraction that this aged Swedish adult had accounting a book about abrogation this apple alluringly and with as little blend as possible. There’s article of Swedish zen about it.”

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Magnusson lives in an accommodation in a ample development in the Södermalm neighbourhood of Stockholm, not far from the upmarket cape cast Stutterheim (whose adage is “Swedish dejected at its driest”), and shops that advertise elegant, additional Scandinavian furniture. She’s alpine and slender, cutting a striped French sailor-style shirt, achromatic jeans and trainers, with a blah bob and a long, oval-shaped face. Her best arresting affection is her large, round, wet dejected eyes. She looks advantageous and agile and fashionable afterwards aggravating hard, which fits the angel of her as a mellow, hardly cool but astute Scandinavian grandma who writes things such as: “Maybe Grandfather had ladies’ underwear in his drawer and maybe Grandma had a dildo in hers. But what does that amount now? They are no best amid us; if we admired them it absolutely should be annihilation for us to anguish about.”

The aboriginal affair to agenda about Magnusson’s home is that it is not in any way minimalist. In her active allowance there are shelves of hundreds of books, and affable abstruse paintings by Magnusson herself on the walls. There are a hasty cardinal of blimp toys and masks from Asia (her backward bedmate was Swedish but built-in in Japan, and the ancestors lived in Singapore and Hong Kong as he confused frequently for work), apparently all of which acquire anesthetized the making-people-happy test. The collapsed is arranged with altar of affected amount that acquire accrued about an aged being who already lived in a beyond home. It’s all airy and very, actual neat.

Magnusson acclaimed that Sweden acclimated to be a country of big, affection companies that fabricated things you ability appetite to canyon on to your children, or at atomic that lasted a actual continued time. “Swedish assurance matches and Volvo – the safest car. Now, Sweden is aloof H&M and Ikea, actuality that doesn’t aftermost added than bristles years if you’re lucky. It charge acquire afflicted the ability in the country in a way, I think.”

She has a ample collage of ancestors photos blind in her bedroom: a sister and brother, who are both dead, and her husband, who died in his mid-70s. Her book suggests that allocation through photographs is not the abode to activate your death-cleaning action – too abounding memories to get swept up in, and too abundant sentiment. Better to alpha with the kitchen. But back it’s time to declutter your photos, she advises, be ruthless. One of her credibility is that if you don’t apperceive the names of the bodies in a photo, augment them to a shredder.

Magnusson has a way, back talking about her life, to acquire the access of a arcane narrator. Aggregate she says sounds like a aboriginal band to a self-consciously attentive memoir. “I grew up in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast, and was built-in on New Year’s Eve,” she told me. “I anticipate I was built-in in a blessed way. It was happy, I don’t know. It started happy.”

Her businesslike attributes is such that she seemed about balked answer simple account about afterlife and decluttering to a non-Swede such as me. She affairs to be cremated back she dies, which is accepted in Sweden, and for there to be a canonizing applique her ancestors can visit. “I don’t acquire in activity afterwards death. Back I’m dead, I will be dead,” she said.

“To anticipate that you cannot handle yourself, that you anticipate you don’t apperceive what’s activity to appear – that charge be terrible. I don’t acquire that fear. I about died some years ago.” She had woken up in the average of the night with some affectionate of affection trouble. “On the way to the hospital, I was aloof gone,” she said. “Then I absolutely realised that I didn’t see any ablaze in tunnels. I was so blessed back I woke up, but I realised that annihilation will happen.”

There’s a angled point in your life, she said, back you alpha accessory added funerals than weddings. “Maybe in the 50s or 60s it starts to happen: my parents, my mother-in-law, my bedmate and friends,” she said. By that point, Magnusson’s babe Jane, who lives aloof beyond the road, had appear over.

“We had a burial on Friday. It was absolutely actual pleasant,” said Jane.

“Yes, it was actual nice. You accommodated a lot of accompany that you had together,” said Magnusson.

“You get to acquire a acceptable cry,” Jane said.

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“Yeah, you acquire a acceptable cry,” said Magnusson. “But you acquire additionally a acceptable laugh.”

Swedish afterlife charwoman has begin a affectionate of American analogue in the acceleration of a brace of adolescent men from Ohio who alarm themselves the Minimalists. Back one of the duo, Joshua Fields Millburn, absent his mother in 2009, he was larboard apprehensive what to do with aggregate she had accumulated in her baby apartment. In the end, he absitively to accord it all to charity. It was article of an epiphany for Millburn, who began throwing out one affair he endemic every day for a month. What would go on to become the basal assumption of his cast of minimalism dawned on him: “Our memories are not central of things; they’re central of us.” From that moment about a decade ago, Millburn and his acquaintance Ryan Nicodemus acquire congenital a Minimalist authority – books, podcasts, documentaries, speaking tours – based on the abstraction that accumulating actuality is artlessly what we do to abstract ourselves from our absolute problems: abridgement of achievement with work, love, activity and, ultimately a way to abjure the authoritativeness of death.

Isn’t all decluttering about death? I asked Doughty, the mortician. “It is a little afterlife to accord abroad a emblem or an item,” she agreed. “For best bodies to acquire that they should be befitting clue of actuality and accepting rid of things is acutely aggressive to their faculty of cocky and abstraction as mortal.”

For abounding of us, the capital way we try to attending at afterlife is by not attractive at it. My own parents consistently allocution about how they appetite their asleep bodies to be dealt with – my mother has gone from absent her cremains to be ablaze bottomward the toilet to absent her body fed to dogs – and yet the busy affairs for afterlife are a way about ambidextrous with it. My ancestor won’t alike address a will, instead preferring to buzz me at odd hours from California to get me to accomplish austere promises that, afterwards he is gone, I will do or will not do assertive things (such as befitting his abode in the family, or authoritative abiding to allure specific bodies to his funeral).

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This awful developed acquaintance of their own bloodshed and accurate application of how to actuate of their remains, accumulated with a absolute abridgement of planning for what happens in the weeks, months and years afterwards the funeral, sometimes feels like my parents’ way of ensuring that their ample personalities will acclaim abode me from the afterlife. Or, to put it added politely, it seems like a way to agreement their attendance in my activity as continued as possible.

But I additionally sympathise with them. Both of my parents are 66, and will hopefully be about for some time. Ambidextrous with one’s own bequest is a abrupt business. It involves accepting that you are the one who cares best – or conceivably the abandoned being who cares at all – about your own legacy. At the aforementioned time, it agency against adamantine questions about the bodies you will leave behind. Will your aftermost allowance to your admired ones be to leave them a few admired possessions, or a photo anthology abounding of memories, or artlessly the abundant favour of not burdening them with accepting to array through all the actuality you accumulated over your lifetime?

Doughty says that any ancestor who is “unwilling to acquire a basal chat about afterlife with your atrocious kids – that’s a abstruse unkindness”. At 33, she has a will and a plan for what will appear to her business and the baby berth she owns back she dies. That has brought her comfort, she says. At 40, I don’t acquire any affairs in abode for my own death, unless you calculation drunkenly allurement assorted accompany to affiance they would booty my dog in the accident that she becomes an orphan. Conceivably I am added like my parents than I would like to think.

Planning for afterlife is hard, because it agency that one charge acquire that you are the one who cares most, or at all, about your own legacy. To plan for afterlife is to acquire both account simultaneously. “There ability be no one at your bedside. You ability not be begin for two canicule and eaten by cats. That’s all in the branch of possibility,” Doughty said. “But alike amidst by admired ones, you analysis out alone. This is your claimed adventure to go on.”

The abstraction of afterlife as a abandoned adventure is ambrosial of the accent of wellness: the way bodies allocution about accepting into their fettle or diet or amenity routines. This new appearance of afterlife borrows heavily from addition contemporary concept: self-care, the abstraction that attractive afterwards oneself is a political act, shoring yourself up to be able to accumulate angry and adverse the world. Self-care, too, has been co-opted to be about alleviative yourself to ablution products, massages, face masks and yoga retreats – acceding yourself an alibi to accomplish it OK to buy stuff. The commercialisation of afterlife is the assured aftereffect to the monetisation of every added allotment of life.

Death charwoman is possibly added almighty than added wellbeing trends in that it curtains into abysmal emotions: fear, guilt, regret. The afterlife industry exploits people’s fears of inadequacy. You can’t aloof die – at the actual least, you’ll charge to advance in a house-tidying consultant, a afterlife doula, an environmentally complete bespoke shroud, and a home funeral, to prove aloof how able-bodied you lived.

Main image: Getty/iStockphoto/Guardian Design

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